Expert Tips How to Successfully Emphasize Self-Application In Resume

Many of you have self-employment experience. If you think that it is not worth writing about it – put your doubts aside! Talking about self-employment, you can highlight the skills you did not acquire in the professional field or the position you are applying for. Self-employment and other forms of freelance work are great additions to a resume, especially for those first-time job seekers.

Why Does a Self-Employed Person Need a Resume?

You are an excellent specialist, popular with customers, work regularly, and not a single client has asked you to provide him with a resume? However, someone may want to see your resume. Let’s look at a few situations where a resume will be necessary:

  1. You are writing a response to a large customer’s order. Often, reputable firms require potential performers to provide a resume.
  2. You wish to work through a specialized agency. If you want to conduct business through an intermediary, the following course of events is quite possible: they will ask for your resume to slightly edit and provide to the client.
  3. You have decided to return to your usual work. However, a resume is still an essential aspect of a traditional job search. If you have been working at home for a long time and want to find a classic position, then you need to provide a resume.
  4. You have decided to apply for a professional license or certificate. Quite often, in specific industries, there is a request to upload a resume.
  5. You are participating in a conference or lecture. If you are asked to show a presentation, the event coordinator will wish to present you beautifully. A resume is a great way to share all the information you need to know about yourself.
  6. You are looking for a job for the first time. If you just graduated from university or college, but in your spare time worked in a specialty and now want to get a formal job, a resume will best demonstrate your skills.

4 Methods To Add Self-Employment In A Resume

There are four ways to highlight the self-employment experience well. Below you will find a detailed description of these methods. You can combine them, add something of your own, or use only a part.

 1.  Come up with a Position That Will Represent Your Activity

Any work experience will come in handy in life. So take this seriously. Think of the self-employed as an independent contractor or freelancer. Note that self-employment is an excellent indicator that you have managed to achieve financial stability in a pandemic despite the current situation, which increased the unemployment rate. Next, come up with a name for your activity. If there is a specific profession that you were engaged in unofficially, write this. You can add the following words to the name of your activity: consultant, manager, freelancer – for example, an internet store consultant.

 2. Add Company Name

Some job seekers feel free to add a company name to make their resume look more formal. If you have created your brand or online store, please indicate the full name so that the employer can check it. If you worked unofficially in other organizations, write about it as well. Just tell the head of the firm that you use their organization name. So you can prevent a situation when the employer wants to check the information, but the manager will not know anything about it and will report that such an employee did not cooperate with them.

 3. Specify List Services Provided

When writing a resume about self-employment, you have to keep structure in mind. First, you need to indicate the position, date of employment, and the organization’s name (optional). Only after that can you write a small annotation to describe the type of activity in more detail. If you worked with several employers at once, make a list of the services that you provided. For example, you’ve created a content plan, business strategies, blog posts, etc. Thanks to this approach, the employer will understand which area you can prove yourself best and whether you have the necessary skills.

 4. Share Best Projects And Companies

If you have projects that you are proud of, please share them on your resume. Please attach a link to the project or attach a document to your resume so that the employer can see your achievements not only on paper. If you have a lot of such projects, make a bulleted list and attach examples as well. If you have collaborated with successful companies such as Facebook, Google, please report it. These companies often recruit employees to the team in an unofficial format. The main thing is that you have confirmation – for example, a recommendation from a manager.

Sample Freelance Resume

Below you will find a sample freelance resume. Note that we have not used client names in this resume. However, you can mention the organizations and brands with which you have collaborated. This is especially useful for employees who want to get an official job in a similar field. We also recommend edit resume online to understand what is missing in your document. Some many programs and services analyze your resume for keywords and give tips for improvement.

John Smith – a communications and PR consultant.

Working conditions: contract.

Country: New York.

Employment date: 2017 to present.

For three years, I have been providing support in the field of communication. I have worked with pharmaceutical companies. My primary responsibilities in my first year of work were customer satisfaction, developing advertising messages, working with magazines and newspapers to increase brand awareness. The following year, I got promoted. My additional responsibilities were media relations management, support of medical appointments, competitor analysis, paperwork for OTC medical and pharmaceutical clients. For three years, I have worked on such projects:

  • development of advertisements, banners, leaflets, accompanying materials that improve people’s knowledge of cervical cancer and motivate the use of the services of private doctors;
  • creating blog articles on various medical topics to attract backlinks and increase brand awareness;
  • holding lotteries that allow free use of pharmaceuticals that are dispensed without a prescription;
  • conducting interviews with health officials to draw people’s attention to significant health problems.


A freelancer, who is forced to work in a highly competitive environment, must constantly improve his knowledge and skills. Therefore, you must periodically adjust the resume by the growth of professional competencies. Do not be shy about talking about self-employment – perhaps this will be the starting point for shaping your career path.

Nancy Holmes

Nancy Holmes

Nancy Holmes graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Marketing. Nancy takes courses every year to improve her knowledge in the field of Human Resources. Nancy Holmes has 15 years of marketing experience on Wall Street. For the past five years, Nancy has been a qualified resume writer at our company. Nancy has written over 2000 resumes in over 65 professions. Nancy publishes many guides on how to choose a career, how to find career goals, or how to get a dream job.

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