Best Working Tips to Manage LinkedIn Account Like a PRO

LinkedIn is a popular platform for job seekers. The ratings prove that your chances to land a good job are higher with LinkedIn. It is a great way for students or experts with no experience to find opportunities. However, you can also create an account if you want to promote your career or step higher up the career ladder.

There are lots of promising LinkedIn profile writing services that help newcomers with resume writing. You may either turn for help to online services or manage your account with the following guide.

How to Use LinkedIn Properly: 14 Ways to Increase Your Rating

The use of LinkedIn is a popular way to find a job. But not all users know how to use the platform properly. The following tips will increase your views and help you find the best career options faster. With these tips, you will become an advanced user and leave other average accounts behind.

1. Keep Everything Updated

Statistics show that profiles with pictures get more views. To make your resume visible online, you should upload the picture—the same touches upon the info in your profile. Make sure to update the facts and keep your account alive.

2. Stay Focused on Specific Skills

It is a necessary step to include a set of skills you can perform in the professional environment. You should include all the tiniest details that may be useful for the hiring managers. But make sure it is relevant. All the skills should be sorted properly and grouped correctly.

3. Mention Previous Working Experience

This is an obligatory option. First of all, it will help the hiring managers get a better understanding of their working background. Secondly, it will show in detail your field of professional interest.

4. Work on the Headline

What are the necessary parts of the headline? You should upload your photo to help people know how you look. It isn’t important in all cases. But sometimes you will have to present your photo to the employers. Create an interesting intro to make your offer noticed. Try to avoid the use of standard phrases. It is better to stay to the point but make it more creative. There are lots of offers on the platform, and your task is to stand out among others.

5. Are You Available at the Moment?

When you have your account open, you should also indicate that you are in search now. If you are seeking a job, there should be a clear indicator. Other users don’t know what your plans are until you have them posted on the account.

6. Develop Professional Ties

Look for more professional connections. It is easy with LinkedIn to find new people. You can connect your phone list and synchronize the information.

7. Research and Follow

Have you noticed any great companies and want to offer your application? When you find the company, you should join their account on LinkedIn. This way, you will get current updates about the board of directors and follow the news. You will stay tuned and get more insights.

8. Advanced Search Option

Want to find a good company? You should go for the Advanced Search. You can find people and see what companies they deal with. You can also choose the necessary location, opt for the relevant section and choose the positions. With the help of the advanced search option, you are sure to find more beneficial options online.

9. Ask for Help

When you’re ready to hit the market and find the job, ask for help. You may ask your followers to share some professional info about your job search. It will surely make your career path more successful. This way, you can be connected to more enterprises.

10. Alumni Connections

When browsing online, you can make new connections and contact alumni from your school. If you have common interests, new connections will contribute to your success in the career market. The more people you know, the more useful communications you create. New ties will increase your chances to find a demanding offer and land a well-paid job.

11. Be Active

What should you do on LinkedIn? Filling your account properly isn’t enough. If you perform any activity, you should post it online. First of all, share your publications and professional articles. Post videos and upload any related events to let the followers learn more about your current activity.

12. Join Specific Professional Communities

There are different ways you can increase your user experience online. In LinkedIn, there are different professional groups you can join. If you want to meet new people, like-minded professionals, and future colleagues, it is time to join the communities. This way, you will find answers to the questions, learn news and get a better idea about the company you want to join. Make sure to perform some activity and get noticed by the users. Remember, it may be your future boss.

13. Learn More about Your Future Bosses

When accepting the offer, you should get the info about the managers. Learn more about the hiring manager and get useful facts about the company. You should get not only necessary professional insights but also some extras. It will ensure a better communication experience at the job interview.

14. Extra Network Activity

When do you usually turn on the platform? In most cases, users open their accounts during working hours. But what if you turn to LinkedIn after working? When you get involved on the platform after working hours, you have more chances to get new job updates and receive better opportunities. You should try this tip. It will increase your rating on the platform and give you the chance to meet new user accounts.


Working on the resume is hard work. So many issues should be addressed when you write the paper. If you want it to get noticed by the potential HRs, you should learn how to do it correctly. You can ask for help our experts and get the LinkedIn profile writing services or edit a professional account on your own. Choose your method and pave your way to a well-paid job offer.

Nancy Holmes

Nancy Holmes

Nancy Holmes graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Marketing. Nancy takes courses every year to improve her knowledge in the field of Human Resources. Nancy Holmes has 15 years of marketing experience on Wall Street. For the past five years, Nancy has been a qualified resume writer at our company. Nancy has written over 2000 resumes in over 65 professions. Nancy publishes many guides on how to choose a career, how to find career goals, or how to get a dream job.

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